barna zoo logo on a blurred background

Barna Zoo is an imaginary zoo in Barcelona, which combines art, charm and fauna. The visual identity draws inspiration from Barcelona’s flair, particularly the local Güell Park mosaics by Antoni Gaudí. Each asset is thought to further exude Barcelona’s artistic touch and charm both tourists and locals.
Red Dot Winner 2021
IDA Award 2021 (Gold in Print / Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics)
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Adobe Illustrator
Barna Zoo highlights the city’s artistic soul and charm. To visually translate the idea, I searched for inspiration in the famous works of the Barcelonian architect Antoní Gaudi and chose to primarily focus on the Güell Park. The park’s mosaic and vibrant colors help to compose a unique visual for the zoo that deviates from the mainstream and unifies it with the Catalan’s capital. 


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