Close up on the book that shows DIN typeface's characteristics

Type specimen booklets were a famous way to showcase and sell typefaces to designers. In this project, the goal was to act like a type foundry and develop a booklet and an animation to demonstrate the personality of a famous typeface, but in a new and unique way.
Print & Publication Design​​​​​​​
Motion Design
Booklet Design
Promo Video
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
2 DIN booklets showing cover and history spread
The key words for the concept are fun and movement. DIN’s history is related to trains and railroads. It’s a clean typeface that needs to be understood when objects are in motion. And for many years designers did not see DIN as an exciting asset for their work. This project honors DIN’s past qualities, but brings to light a more entertaining personality the typeface also has through dynamic compositions and saturated colors.
Spread from the booklet talking about typeface's history
Spread from the booklet that shows the typeface's characteristics
Spread from the booklet that shows typeface's different weights
Fontshop instagram post with animation
Fontshop promoting FF Din


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