Close up on Century of Design poster

Century of Design is an imaginary exhibition located at the High Museum that seeks to highlight art movements and their artists. My focus was to develop a visual system to attract and inform the public about the Constructivism section.​​​​​​​
Print & Publication Design​​​​​​​
Poster Design
Brochure Design
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop​​​​​​​
To create a cohesive and uniform system, I thoroughly researched the history of the movement as well as prominent figures of it. The concept decomposes the original artworks and uses its elements to create a unique visual identity to each artist's informational piece.
High Museum with Century of Design poster on an outside wall
Century of design poster on museum wall
Overall brochure about El Lissitzky using the artist artwork
Overall brochure about Solomon Telingater using the artist artwork
Overall brochure about Alexander Rodchenko using the artist artwork
Constructivism Century of Design Ticket
High Museum website promoting Century of Design


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