minute maid new logo with pink and yellow swirl on the back

Minute Maid is a fruit-based beverage which serves families worldwide. The brand has legacy and quality, but the products don’t visually stand out amidst the huge amount of competitors.  Families nowadays have more access to sophisticated designs. Their taste has matured and it’s time for Minute Maid to catch up. 
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supermarket rack with orange juices
To get a new look for Minute Maid, I searched for inspiration within the brand: in the 60s, Minute Maid made a unique design choice: a black logo to stand out among the competitors. Owning this black that made the brand a disruptor, and combining illustrative elements representing the juices and fruits, Minute Maid gains a new face that still highlights the brand’s characteristics and simultaneously regains their audience attention.
minute maid new logo on white with green icon
minute maid new logo on black with green icon
tool kit with juice swirls (gradient swirls), icon pattern, fruits drawing alll to show how these icons play together
minute maid juice package for oink lemonade, original orange juice, and lemonade
billboard that says "a refreshing new look"
bus stop poster marketing that says "put good in, get good out"
target weekly ad promoting minute maid
3 instagram posts
To bring more brand awareness and promote the new visuals, Minute Maid could do collaborations. for example, a partnership with the Houston Astros. Minute Maid Park in Texas is actually the home of the Astros, but hardly anyone connects the name to the brand. In this collab, both brands come together for the “Minute Maid experience” where the visitors get to be part of the Astros through a VR experience. But they won’t be hitting regular balls. In the game, they need to smash as many fruits as they can while avoiding hitting the Astros’ icon. The whole event mixes both of the brands and brings awareness through specially designed cups to big billboards outside the stadium.
Houston Astros logo lock up with Minute Maid logo
Man playing baseball VR game with Minute Maid brand elements
TV with visual of what the VR games look like
Billboard promoting the Minute Maid experience with baseball glove and orange


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