Collage of frames from Barbie, Chilli's and Versace's Logo animation

The goal for this project was to pick three brands of your choice and develop five seconds logo animations of each one. The animations should reflect the brand’s visual language and values.
Motion Design​​​​​​​
Adobe After Effects
The concept highlights the idea that Barbie can be anything and wants the kids who play with it to feel the same way. Keeping the brand colors and adding doodle-like illustrations portraying the diverse activities, this animation hints towards the original brand even before the logo is revealed. 
Chilli’s is very proud of their food quality and diversity. Being a perfect choice for every family, the animation shows different dishes in a jackpot machine style portraying the idea that the customer always wins with any food they pick.
The animation portrays Versace as trendy but loyal to its roots. By using a gradient with one of the current collection colors, the brand shows it’s in touch with the current trends and always relevant. By using the Medusa icon from the logo, it ties back to Gianni Versace’s idea of his brand enchanting the customers. All in a way to highlight Versace’s luxury and power.


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